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At Orcus Print Solutions we have a leading reputation for solving printing problems, delivering
a wide range of quality print and promotional solutions, on time, within budget, anywhere in New Zealand.

What is a print broker?

A print broker acts as an independent intermediary between print manufacturers and customers. Not employed by the companies they represent, print brokers add value to clients' needs for printing by effective planning, a depth of industry knowledge and efficient project management of any printing job, large or small. Their expertise on manufacturing materials, processes, workflow, timing-judgement, and cost implications is invaluable in establishing an optimum course through to a successful outcome. For a customized project with layers of complexity a print broker can provide significant savings in time and therefore money to a company looking for the ideal print solution. Working as free agents, print brokers have the flexibility and autonomy to submit a variety of services that can be tailored to address your specific printing needs. An experienced print broker will save you money, prevent waste and ensure timely delivery of projects and products.

The Benefits of Using a Print Management Company

“Clients rely on my experience - that's what I'm here for. The wide network of suppliers we utilize means that our clients have plenty of choice. Our strength lies in our capacity to move swiftly when a deadline is tight, to access all options, and to make a call on the control of stock quantities, benefiting our customers' bottom line. We know how to deliver a printing solution that works, because we’ve been doing exactly that for years. We're confident that anything with your name on it can be successfully printed and promoted using the skills and expertise of Orcus Print Solutions.”

– Peter McRedmond, Managing Director

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For business cards, brochures, business forms, packaging, signage, comprehensive direct marketing solutions of all kinds, promotional products, clothing and more, call us today for a free consultation to discuss your printing and promotion needs.

Quality Printing

If you're seeking the best printing and/or promotional services for business cards, brochures, branded clothing and other associated products, we offer reliability, consistency, and value, within your deadlines. Our services include graphic design work using the most up to date technology and tools at the hands of experienced designers. Printing involves many different methods - digital, offset, screen-print, vinyl-cut and more. Orcus Print Solutions provide advice and access to the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions for your project.

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    We provide creative elements for newsstand quality magazines, printed and delivered

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    The world's best offline marketing tool – we'll get your business card sorted

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    For events, expos, and those big “wow” moments in your business

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    From design to structure and quality, we have a million ways to make you look good on paper

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    Tight deadlines, a systematic approach, high volumes - we can custom print your calendars

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    High quality labels for practically any purpose - indoor or outdoor, sheets or rolls.

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    We provide a wide variety of quality papers to select from. Let us assist you raise awareness today!

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    Flyers and leaflets work as an invaluable promotion tool to powerfully convey a message

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    Big ideas look good on posters – let us assist with durable, adaptable poster printing

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    We'll help you produce a memorable booklet to get your clients engaged with your information

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    Save on postage and handling costs with our personalised bulk mail processing service

Promotional Products

It’s our business to put your name on any promotional products for your company or business. These days, the items you can attach
your brand to is only limited by your imagination. We’re good at sourcing the best possible eye-catching ideas and we’ll probably come up with some
you haven’t thought of.

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